There are lots of reasons to refinance your mortgage:
• To change from an adjustable rate to a fixed
• To change the term of the mortgage
• To lower the interest rate
• To get extra cash
• To consolidate debt with a tax deductible loan
• To pay for an education
• To make home improvements
• Or you name it

But at First Millennium Funding, we believe the best reason to refinance now is that interest rates are at the lowest they’ve been in decades. So this is the ideal time to do it. And the ideal way to find out if refinancing is right for you is to use our Mortgage Calculator tool and then fill out the First Millennium Funding Quik Form application or call us at 1-631-969-8800.

First Millennium Funding mortgage advisors are experts in all facets of mortgage refinancing and they are ready and waiting to help you make the right decision, find the right loan at the right rate with the right term.

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